Spiritual 3

13 Days | trip through cairo, Luxor and Aswan

Key Information

Duration: 13
Group size: 2+
Destination: Cairo/Aswan/Luxor
Airfare Included: No
Customizable: Yes

Spiritual 3

Arrival at Cairo airport, assistance to the representative of formalitespar
Mirus Travel-transfer to the hotel.

Visit Saqqara, which reveals the birth of civilization phraonique. the wonderful funerary complex of King Djoser with its famous pyramid and the visit continues with the discovery of <> tombs of high dignitaries of the former empire whose walls are decorated with splendid scenes of daily life such as scenes of farming. Fishing. hunting and even music and dance.
The after noon, return to Cairo to meditate before the ages of 40 (Giza Pyramids), including the pyramid of King Cheops, which with its perfect proportions is considered one of the seven wonders of the world as you visit the TEMPLE OF THE VALLEE, the only currently attending Temple at Giza and the Sphinx.

Cairo Road oasis of al BAHARYIA (360km) walk in the companion of the oasis, visiting the two temples, two tombs and museum mummies. A walk in the march of Baharia night at the hotel.

In4 × 4, the black desert, Crystal Mountain, desert flowers and the white desert. Overnight in camp (a beautiful star or two attempts).

Walking in the desert for those who want it and then return to Cairo. The evening sleeper train Cairo \ Assawan.

Arrival has Asswan and transfer to hotel then visit Philae Temple known as the majestic temple where each stone speaks demore and the Domain of Eternity.
Visit the High Dam real modern pyramid of Egypt.
Promenadeen felucca to the first cataract in one universe and mineral water which you will discover the Kitchener Island, a haven of peace with its botanical garden, where time seems to stop of in the nineteenth century. Overnight at the hotel.

Departure by bus to ABU SIMBEL south of Asswan.
Visit the two temples in the late afternoon. Threats by the construction of the dam Assawn, this site has been saved by the work undertaken by UNESCO and the Egyptian government. From 1963, the temples of Ramses II is a monument
moving in a trip to Egypt … close to the temple of his wife: the Temple of Nefertari, was treated Hather.
The evening sound and light to the two temples. Overnight at the hotel.

Return by bus to Asswan .
Visit a Nubian village and stroll through the spice market of Asswan. Overnight at the hotel.

Departure by bus to Luxor on the way to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to Sobek crocodeil god this temple dominates in a beautiful setting, a wide curve of nil. You then continue until a TEMPLE OF EDFOU which is one of the best preserved temples of the Nile valley. This temple is also dedicated to the falcon god, hours. Arrival at Luxor and overnight in hotel.

Excursion in the Theban region to visit the TEMPLE OF Dandarah located north of Luxor. Temple dedicated to dedicated to the goddess Hathor, it was built in Roman times. You go your way in the Egyptian company, the scenes of daily life to arive at Abydos.
In the evening back to Luxor where you will visit the Temple of Luxor, magic and magical moment of this program. c is in this temple which takes place every year, the feast celebrating the birth of divine pharaoh: the feast of opet. night at the hotel .

Visit west bank: Valley of Kings to the kings were buried in tombs carved into the mountain, plus tour of the Valley of the Nobles containing the most beautiful tombs in the necropolis with scenes of everyday life preserving beautiful colors .
Visit funerary temple of Ramses III: Madinet Habu ,Visit the temples of Karnak or the god Amon reigned as absolute master.
Return to Cairo by train berths.

Opportunity to visit Moukattam or is the ragpickers. you can see all the accomplishments of Sister Emmanuelle and Sara meet sister who continues to work to improve the lives of scavengers. You see you too. the dream of Sister Emmanuelle is now .Visit the archaeological museum in Cairo containing over 150 000 antiquities, including the famous collection of treasures of Tutankhamen. Overnight at the hotel.


Your Package Includes

All the visits mentioned in the program.
speaking guide.
Sleeper train round trip Cairo / Luxor.
All transfers in air-conditioned bus.
The 4 × 4 for the desert.
9 nights of hotel.
1 night in bivouac (tentes. Mattresses, blankets and sleeping bags).
2 nights sleeper train Cairo / Asswan-Luxor / Cairo.
The spectacle of sound and light to Abu Simbel.
Full board starting with breakfast the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on departure day.

Your Package Excludes

The international air tickets.
personal expenses.
insurance (cancellation, repatriation, etc.).
Entry visa.

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