About us

Through integrity and a commitment to our customers, we take the “team work” approach by working hardly to meet our clients’ requirements by providing cost savings, service enhancements and travel experince.
Our mission has allowed us to offer unsurpassed service to all of our customers while providing creative solutions to their travel needs. We are dedicated to these values

Customer Service

Understanding our customer’s requirements, maintain and enhance the service standards required by travelers in an ever-changing environment.

Commitment to Excellence

Acting to make a difference, being responsible for our actions and continually striving to improve in the knowledge of transportation logistics.

Respect and Concern For Each Other

Accepting and supporting each other personally and professionally with efforts of lobbying air carriers and suppliers for discounted rates and flexible rules to help meet the special travel requirement of the organizations we serve.

Team work

serving as a networking center to assist our clients in accomplishing their missions and goals.

Ethics and integrity

Honesty and trust.

Our goal

Give meaning to your travel; lead you to think of the relationship with the other, the need to reduce the imbalance between countries North and South. Transform an object of consumption to an intelligent journey, bringing you a personal enrichment. It is also an opportunity to experience living in groups, a human adventure, while visiting a country so rich in history with its wonderful sites all over each other.
In this spirit, you will visit Egypt along with guides and escorts all very professional and concerned about your welfare.

Our programs

Very different, tailored to your needs and your desires, you will visit Upper Egypt of Pharaohs and all their dynasties. You can also, if you like, get out of the beaten path, to discover unusual places and extraordinary characters. You can then “climb” the Mokattam Mountain to meet Sister Sara and Ragpickers of Cairo, follow the footsteps of Sister Emmanuelle who lived more than 20 years in this district. “Love flies, runs, sings; it gives wings. Love is stronger than Death” Sister Emmanuelle.