Spiritual 2

11 Days | trip through Cairo and Luxor

Key Information

Duration: 11
Group size: 2+
Destination: Cairo/Luxor
Airfare Included: No
Customizable: Yes

Spiritual 2

Arrival at Cairo airport, assistance by the representative of Mirus travel formalities and transfer to hotel.

Drive to the oasis of Fayoum, stroll through the greenery of the oasis at Lake Quarrons .
Meidum (III dynasty): going to the Fayoum.
Kom Om Ouchim (Karan): Roman city, the best preserved of all Egypt.
Qasr El Sagha: temple on a hill where it embraces the entire Fayoum.
Medinet Madi: Visit the temple dating from the Middle Kingdom and dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, to Renetoutet (cobra goddess equated with Isis) and Horus, the falcon god.
Road to Meni and overnight stay.
Tell al-Amarna: Visit of tombs carved into the rock:
Tomb AI where you can see the famous “Hymn to the sun.
Tomb MERIRE, high priest of the solar disk.
Beni Hassan: Tomb of princes who ruled in the XII Dynasty èm
Tomb Khnumhotep
Tomb of Amenemhet
Road to SOHAAG and overnight at hotel
Road to Abydos where we will visit the magnificent temple of Seti 1: ABYDOS then we will continue our road to the temple of Dendera, known for its colossal columns Hathoric.
In late afternoon we continue our journey to Luxor (60 miles south).
Overnight in Luxor.
Passage on the west bank to visit the Valley of the Kings tombs and dug into the mountain, we will access for those who want the path of processions and magnificent views of the Nile Valley and the funerary temple of Deir El Bahari.
Visit the funerary temple of Ramses III: Madinet Habu
Visit the Museum of Luxor, modern and well developed.
Visit the Museum of Mummification.
2èm passage on the west bank to visit the Valley of the Nobles and the Valley of the Craftsmen.
That evening, we will admire the Temple of Luxor illuminated.
Then we take the sleeper train back to Cairo.

Possibility to spend the morning at Mokattam where we meet the children and Sister Sara in school, kindergarten, the new club of women, the clinic. We conclude this wonderful visit to Sister Sara by up to see the churches of St Simeon, carved into the cliff above Mokattam.
Visit the Cairo Museum, the biggest museum of Egyptology in the world, containing over 150,000 pieces whose fabulous collection of Tutankhamun which alone has almost 4000 pieces.
Visit Saqqara, the largest Egyptian necropolis where the first pyramid built in Egypt, dating from 2800 BC.
Visit the site of Dahshur to visit the two pyramids Snofru

. The pyramid rhomboid
. The pyramid known as “red” because of the color of its stone.

Visit the Giza plateau where you can admire the pyramids of the kings of the Fourth Dynasty, those of Cheops, Chephren and Mychérinos.Visite Temple Valley and Sphinx
Visit Coptic Quarter: visiting two churches (Church of St. Sergius and the Hanging Church built on one of the towers of the fortress of Babylon), and visit the Ibn Ezra Synagogue.
We end the day by visiting a mosque Ibn Tulun

Day (mosque)
Visit the Citadel with the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali.
Visit Gayer Anderson Museum, home of traditional XII èm S., converted into a museum with Islamic art.
Visit TOLOUN IBN and its minaret with a breathtaking view on a popular district of Cairo.


Your Package Includes

All visits mentioned in the program.
un speaking guide.
Full board starting with breakfast the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on departure day.
Air-conditioned bus.
overnight sleeper train Luxor / Cairo.
5 nights hotel in Cairo.
one night hotel in Minya.
one night hotel in Sohag.
2 nights in Luxor.

Your Package Excludes

The international air tickets.
personal expenses.
insurance (cancellation, repatriation, etc.).
Entry visa

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