Spiritual 1

11 Days | trip through Cairo-Abu Simbel, Aswan and Luxor

Key Information

Duration: 11
Group size: 2+
Destination: Cairo/Abu Simbel/ Aswan / Luxor
Airfare Included: No
Customizable: Yes

Spiritual 1

Arrive in Cairo, assistance with the formalities by the representative of MIRUS TRAVEL Transfer to hotel.

Visit Saqqara Mastaba and more, the beginning of history there are more than 45 centuries and already the perfection of art. they say that “the art of Saqqara has been copied, but never imitates”, the complex of Djoser was the first stone monument carved in the world – lunch in a restaurant.
Afternoon:visit the famous site of the Giza plateau or rise the pyramids of Cheops – the only wonders of antiquity still visible, although it nearly two millennia older than the other, Chephren, Menkaure; visit the valley temple and the Sphinx.
We will return in the evening to attend the sound and light, the text of Andre Malraux, attended by Christiane Desroches noble short we will enter the Heart of the mystery. “It happened that replaced the desert grassland and marshes dried up the river bank. Then the man was forced as a civilization. he made peasant life. he had to accommodate the flood invent the dam and canal. he loved the land. He dug his grave. he would survive. These are peasants who were students here, with the complicity of the river, these monumental houses of the dead. “play of light (with laser) was also significantly improved since the last years.

Possibility of spending the morning at Mokattam to meet the children of sister Sarah in “the most beautiful school world.” The school basma (smile), the kindergarten, the clinic of Princess Grace, the new building of women, child. .
Afternoon:Archaeological Museum. while we wonder at the richness of its collections in this museum, you can visit (with an extra 100 LE) the sale of mummies
After recent visits to Cairo, fly to Aswan, with the evening.

The High Dam, sad el Aali (17 times the volume of the Great Pyramid).
Temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis, the universal mother. ‘s most beautiful temples of Ptolemaic and this beauty is enhanced by its setting – on an island between the two dams .
Road and then crossing the desert to Abu Simbel. Rest, swimming, before visiting the temples
it large or Ramses It is divine in his lifetime

. he small, jewel, has dedicated his principal wife, Nefertari, “the beautiful bride>>
We will stay there, night in Abu Simbel in order to attend the sound and light (the technical prowess of the picture.)

Back very scenic through the desert,,! afternoon on the water, Nubian village, cataract evening … then surprise …
Road heading north towards Luxor, with visits to the passage of Ptolemaic temples, Edfu, dedicated to the god Horus, Kom Ombo, dedicated for gods Sobek and Haroeris

3 days devoted to visits to Luxor.
visit the temple of Karnak: the most gigantic place of worship in the world.
A god “Amun Ra>> has been the” master of work>> with his wife Mut and son Khonsu. Champollion himself noted: “No people, ancient or modern, has developed the art of architecture on a scale so sublime, as large and grandiose. they conceive of men 100 feet high and we have no more than 5 feet 8 inches!>>

night visit to the Temple of Luxor, excellent lighting highlights this temple of the party, of the love generation of the world
two passages on the west bank of the eternity
1. one for the Valley of the Kings visit the pharaohs. the new empire, the king’s funerary temple separated them from their graves. for those who wish, we will take the path of the procession, the grand promenade (1h walk) offer magnificent views of the funerary temples _ especially that of Queen Hatshepsut, the Nile valley and the valley of kings.
Visit some empty tomb in the Theban mountains pyramid: the mert – seger “one who loves the silence>>.

stop village of alabaster or we will see artisans working by hand this wonderful translucent gypsum (still has fond memories away).
visit the best preserved of the most evocative of funerary temples, that of Rameses III Medinet Habu. typical lunch near the temple.
2. the other a meeting of nobles in their houses of eternity, real gems, each is described that that was his earthly life to pursue and sublimate in the to-of. we meet a remarkable sculptor who knows, in the limestone, burn, magnifying the scenes we’ve seen.

Returning to the right bank, stop at Colossi of Memnon.
At Luxor we will visit as an institute of papyrus, a perfume factory, a jeweler, the bookseller of ABOUDY, we can walk in the souks … ..
We witness the sound and light of Karnak. Back to Cairo by plane night at the hotel ..


Your Package Includes

All the visits mentioned in the program.
Air tickets Cairo / Aswan-Luxor / Cairo.
speaking guide.
Air-conditioned bus.
Full board starting with breakfast the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on departure day.
4 nights hotel in Cairo.
2 nights hotel Asswan.
One night hotel in Abu Simbel.
3 nights hotel in Luxor.
The performances of sound and light to Abu Simbel and Karnak.

Your Package Excludes

The international air tickets.
personal expenses.
insurance (cancellation, repatriation, etc. …).
Entry visa.

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